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Free online teaching resources that are curriculum-­based for grades 6, 7 and 8 to help students learn about the dangers of bigotry and intolerance.

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award Winner of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation Award of Excellence


Students will learn about the dangers of hatred and stereotypes. Choose Your Voice encourages them to be respectful of human dignity and diversity.

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The Choose Your Voice video series is composed of powerful and moving first-hand interviews with people from different communities who have faced oppression and discrimination.

Ben Mulroney
Introduced by Ben Mulroney

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What is Choose Your Voice?

Choose Your Voice tackles the issue of exclusion head on and encourages students to uncover some of the historical and present-day narratives of groups who have faced discrimination in Canada. Such narratives are often left out of the mainstream curriculum. Students hear first-hand accounts of experiences of intolerance from the African-Canadian, First Nations, Jewish, and Asian communities, among others.

  • Teach the 4 units together or independently, in one lesson or multi-lesson integrated unit
  • Connect learning to specific events such as Remembrance Day, International Women’s Day, Human Rights Day, Black History Month, and Holocaust Education Week

The framework for each unit includes: keywords, video and discussion, and activities to connect, explore, evaluate, debrief and consolidate.


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