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Additional Resources

For further learning about topics in the Choose Your Voice
units and video, you may wish to direct students to additional
resources such as these books, articles, website and videos.

Books & Articles

Readings for Diversity and Social Justice: An Anthology on Racism, Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Heterosexism, Classism and Ableism

Adams, M. New York: Routledge, 2000.

Equity Pedagogy: An Essential Component of Multicultural Education

Banks, C.A.M., Banks, J.A. Theory Into Practice, 1995. 34(3), 152-158.

Learning Together in the Multicultural Classroom

Coelho, Elizabeth. Pippin Publishing, 2001.

Other People’s Children: White Teachers, Students of Color and Other Cultural Conflicts

Delpit, L. NY: The New Press, 1995.

Teach Me to Thunder: A Training Manual for Anti-Racism Trainers

Estable, A. Ottawa: Canadian Labour Congress, 1997.

Awareness, Assessment, and Action: A Tool for Educators Working Towards Anti-Racism in the School

Meyer, M. Ottawa: Margin, 1996.

Websites / Resources

Sixty-nine classroom activities that help raise children’s level of awareness, understanding and tolerance of difference. The teacher’s guide includes illustrations, a bibliography of children’s literature, and aims each chapter at a potential victim of classroom discrimination: the religious child, the disabled child, the ethnically or racially different child, and others.

Untie the Knots of Prejudice: A Literature Based Anti-Racist Education Resource Kit

Christine Rodriguez and Sherry Ramrattan Smith, Shauna Cadotte, Carol Cartier. FWTAO, 1996.

A literature-based anti-racism resource with a comprehensive list of resources and interesting templates for student activities.

Everyday Acts Against Racism: Raising Children in a Multi Social World

Seattle, Washington; Seal Press, 1996.

Engaging personal essays in which mothers and teachers make very clear the pervasiveness and cruelty of racism. It is a hopeful book filled with helpful ideas and ways to take action against overt and subtle bigotry.

Beyond Heroes and Holidays

Enid Lee. Washington, D.C.; Network of Educators on the Americas, 1998.

An interdisciplinary practical guide for K-12 antiracist, multicultural education and staff development. An extensive guide for print, audiovisual materials and web sites.

Too Close to Home: Anti-Semitism & Fascism in Canada 1930s & 1940s

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, 2003.

Focuses on a time period in Canadian history – the 1930s and 1940s – in which racism was part of a current of public opinion and government policy affected many ethnic, religious and cultural groups including Jews, First Nations peoples, the Doukhobors, Japanese, Chinese and East Asian immigrants, among others.

Rabinsky, Leatrice.B, Ed.; Danks, Carol, Ed.

Filled with fascinating primary source documents — including excerpts from Elie Wiesel’s Night, first-person accounts from survivors, and official Nazi memoranda. Presents 10 easily adaptable classroom-tested lessons on the Holocaust and its legacy. Grades 7–12. Illustrated. 8″ x 11″. Ohio Council on Holocaust Education. 275 pages. ©1994.

William J. Kreidler, 1997. Available through:

Teaches students active listening, perspective taking, negotiation and mediation. Students discover how conflicts escalate and de-escalate and explore connections between diversity and conflicts.

Enid Lee. Cross Cultural Communication Centre, 1985

Includes a section on myths or facts, activities that deconstruct advertisements, and a list of films for classroom use.


  • Everybody Rejoice: A Celebration of Diversity
    26 min. Educators for Social Responsibility, 1991.
    Ethnically diverse high school students in the New York City Public School Repertory present performances that pay tribute to ethnic differences. ESR also offers a variety of professional development experiences.
  • Waging Peace in Our Schools
    Conflict resolution skills taught, and students engaged, in peer mediation. Dramatic positive changes are possible when a whole school wages peace.
  • Just a Little Red Dot
    Mitra Sen. Sandalwood Productions, 1996.
    Tells the story of an East Indian child trying to fit in at an urban school in Ontario.
  • Whale Rider
    A film by Niki Caro. Available in VHS and DVD formats.
    Tells the story of a 12 year-old Maori girl named Pai who overcomes the prejudice of her family and community to fulfill her destiny – their legendary leader. A beautiful, powerful story of faith and cultural traditions.

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