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About the Program

Launched in 2005, Choose Your Voice has been distributed
to schools at no charge in every province and territory,
and has reached over 3 million Canadian students.


Choose Your Voice (CYV) links to curriculum requirements for grades 6, 7 and 8 in every province and territory. It meets objectives for:

  • Social Sciences
  • Language Arts (English/French)
  • Physical Education (Health unit)
  • Religion
  • The Arts – Drama, Music, Visual Art

Adaptable for second-language learners and LD students, grades 4 and 5, and secondary Applied level.

It can be used for Safe Schools Programs, anti-bullying programs, Holocaust education, character education, human rights and social justice education.

Curriculum connections

Grades 6, 7, 8:


Watch students talk about how Choose Your Voice has changed them.


Q: How much does Choose Your Voice cost?

A: It is offered free of charge to all teachers, school boards and other educators. We accept donations from members of the public to support the program. All donations receive a tax receipt.

Q: What grades is CYV designed for?

A: It was developed for grades 6, 7 and 8 but has also been adapted for grade 5, high school applied courses, and ESL students.

Q: Is there a French version?

A: Yes. Click on Français link at top right of window. Each page toggles directly to the French equivalent.

Q: What subjects is it used for?

A: There are provincial curriculum links to Social Studies (history and geography), Oral and Written Communication, Media Literacy (English and French), the Arts – drama, Music and Visual Art. It is also used in Religion and Physical Education (Health unit) classes.

Q: If high school teachers use it which subjects does it link to?

A: It can also be taught in Applied courses for History, Social Sciences, English, French, drama, visual art and music. The video may be shown to all grades and is often shown in school-wide assemblies.

Q: How long does it take to teach the program?

A: The program is flexible and can be taught as 4 separate lessons or one unit. One lesson can be done in one class, one week or even a month, depending on how many activities you choose to do.

Q: How long is the video?

A: The video is 22 minutes long and is divided into 4 segments that correspond with the 4 units in the Learn menu. It can be shown in 4 separate classes or in one viewing. A Video Discussion Guide is included in this site and is used in discussions led by teachers back in their classrooms after the video has been shown.

Q: If I’m confused about something or have questions, do you provide support?

A: Yes. See the contact page.

Q: Do you provide workshops for teachers?

A: Yes, we offer a series of national webinars that address a variety of human rights subjects and introduce teachers to our materials. You will receive information about these webinars by email when you register.

Q: How many Canadian students have been taught CYV?

A: Over 3 million students since the launch in 2005 until the present


Curriculum Development (2004-2005)

  • Dr. Sylvia Bereskin, Lead Writer
  • Patricia O’Reilly
  • Dana Sherri
  • Kelly Akerman

Project Development (2004-2005)

  • Wendy Lampert, Co-creator, Project Director, Canadian Jewish Congress
  • Len Rudner, Co-creator
  • Melanie Simons, Project Manager

We gratefully acknowledge all contributors to Choose Your Voice.

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